10 May 2018

Unibus: Declaration of Conformity to Technical Regulations of Eurasian Customs Union

The company-developer of SkyWay transport SkyWay Technologies Co. has declared the conformity of unibus to technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union.

The Declaration of conformity was adopted based on test protocols No. 1369 dated 21.11.2017 and No. 1455 of 8.12.2017 issued by the testing laboratory of the Republican unitary enterprise on supervision of telecommunications under the State Telecommunication Inspection of the Republic of Belarus, accreditation certificate No. BY/112 1.0249.

The registration number of the Declaration of conformity at the Eurasian Economic Union is BY/112 11.01. TP020 003 26470.

The basic working principles at SkyWay Technologies Co. are openness and quality control in all areas of activities. The Company follows the requirements of international and national standards and aims at obtaining certificates of conformity from independent certification agencies to confirm performance of these requirements. SkyWay Technologies Co. has also originally created, maintained and constantly improved an internal management system.

Declaration .pdf (in Russian)

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