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SkyWay Technologies Co. is an engineering company, which has passed the way of progress from a Mission in the Republic of Belarus − CJSC "Rail SkyWay Systems Ltd", registered on April 21, 2014, through Unitary Project design enterprise "RAILSKYWAYSYSTEMS" to the closed joint stock company "SkyWay Technologies Co." (Minsk, Republic of Belarus). The company's main activity is the design, construction and certification of the breakthrough SkyWay transport system. The technology development program includes several areas of work:

  • Urban transport solutions (track structure, rolling stock and related infrastructure);
  • Cargo transport solutions (track structure, rolling stock and related infrastructure);
  • High-speed transport solutions (track structure, rolling stock and related infrastructure);
  • Sea port transport solutions (deep-water coastal ports, rolling stock and related infrastructure);
  • Development solutions based on SkyWay technology.

All those dozens of years when, first by enthusiastic groups, then by full teams and working groups under the leadership of A. Yunitsky, consistent work was carried out on the design of SkyWay technology of several generations, the main mission of the project was and remains the creation of the type of transport, effectively meeting the challenges of the new time,

time, requiring new safety standards for passengers, "green" technologies significantly reducing the load on the environment, non-standard technical solutions that will radically reduce energy and transportation costs, time, requiring to reconsider conventional transportation of people and cargo, to raise affordability of transport and reduce net cost of goods and services, time, requiring completely different comfort of travel and completely different speeds.


Creation of a marketable high-tech product, i.e. a pre-fabricated and low-cost cargo and passenger transport that will serve as the basis for transportation systems in many infrastructure projects, both of small businesses and large mining and industrial companies. It will also be the basis for the construction of public transport systems in cities and megalopolises, alongside with high-speed intercity traffic that will easily solve most complex problems of the "last mile" of any project.

Our main goals are always:

  • Raising safety and reducing injuries in transport, saving millions of people from death on the roads, preventing the emergence of millions of invalids and cripples;
  • Raising social standard of living, improving the environment;
  • Promoting social activity of people, offering them the opportunity to travel at higher speed, comfort and safety.
Informational Statement

On the formation of the registry for the holders of CJSC "String Technologies" securities to compile a list of persons entitled to participate in the extraordinary General meeting of shareholders: CJSC "String Technologies" located at the address Minsk region, Pukhavichy district, agro-village Novosyolki, Lenina street, 1A, do hereby informs that based on the decision of the General director-General designer dated October 25, 2016 the compiling of the registry for the holders of securities as of October 27, 2016 is under way for convening the extraordinary General meeting to be held on October 28, 2016.

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