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«We want to make the world more comfortable,
cleaner, more spacious and safe for all of us…»

Anatoly Yunitskiy
What SkyWay is

SkyWay is an innovative transport technology developed by engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy. SkyWay is an information, energy and transport communicator of overpass type based on rail-string technologies. Specific features of this technology are its environmental friendliness, therefore the existing natural landscape and the surrounding flora and fauna are not disturbed in the area of transport overpasses construction. Distinguishing SkyWay features are also safety, affordability, reliability and high level of profitability.

Yunitskiy’s string transport is divided into several types: high-speed intercity (up to 500 km/h), urban passenger (up to 150 km/h), cargo and lightweight touring vehicles.

SkyWay transport technology has received support as a result of 15 expert examinations.

The following experts can be mentioned:

  • Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation;
  • Institute of transport under the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of transport;
  • Ministry of construction of Russia;
  • Ministry of economy and of transport of Russia;
  • Russian engineering Academy;
  • St. Petersburg State University of Communication;
  • United Nations.

Anatoly Yunitskiy is the author of the SkyWay transport idea, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General designer of the SkyWay Group of Companies.

The Leader’s achievements are:

  • two projects for UN grants (No. FS-RUS-02-S03 and No. FS-RUS-98-S01);
  • more than 140 inventions;
  • 18 monographs;
  • over 200 scientific papers.

His work is marked by such awards as:

  • two gold medals of the all-Russian exhibition center;
  • two “Golden chariots” in the nomination “Project of the year in transport industry”;
  • «Проект года транспортной отрасли»;
  • three Golden quality marks “Russian brand”;
  • honorary title “Knight of sciences and arts”;
  • Thirty Diplomas from international exhibitions.

Currently engineers of 15 design Bureaus and the own pilot production facility work within the structure of SkyWay Technologies Co. under the leadership of Anatoly Yunitskiy. Each member of the team contributes to the technology being a part of one

great common cause aimed at the improvement of people’s lives around the world and creation of a new mode of transport ― eco-friendly, fast, safe, comfortable and affordable one.

Current moment. EcoTechnoPark

At present a demonstration and certification center of SkyWay technologies – EcoTechnoPark – is successfully developing on the territory of Belarus. Samples of tracks and infrastructure facilities are under construction on 36 hectares in the town of Maryina Gorka, Minsk region showing in practice the possibilities in use of all types of the 4-th generation SkyWay systems.

EcoTechnoPark will also demonstrate the environmental potential of SkyWay technology – reduced land acquisition area for the construction of tracks, decreased natural resource consumption during construction, as well as reduced energy (fuel) consumption and a production facility to create fertile humus, etc.

EcoTechnoPark is:

  • center of certification, testing and improving the technology, as well as the creation of SkyWay transport infrastructure complexes;
  • showroom for sales of SkyWay products;
  • exhibition and business center;
  • property asset worth of more than 300 million U.S. dollars.
International cooperation

After several visits by Australian delegations, SkyWay Technologies Co. has received letters of support from Companies Rоd Hook and Associates (RHA), MbM and Aurecon in 2016. With their support, cooperation with Australia’s National Railway Safety Regulator started, which initiated the certification process of SkyWay systems in the country.

Of essential significance to promote SkyWay technology in the international arena was the specialized transport trade fair InnoTrans 2016, where

the first commercial designs of rolling stock (unibus and unibike) were displayed. The Company’s exposition was a great success among the visitors of the event and aroused interest in SkyWay string transport among representatives of such countries as the Philippines, India and others. After that, SkyWay Technologies Co. demonstrated its achievements at several other exhibitions that have affected new regions and provided new partners with whom active work is in process at present.

Projects in India

According to the concept, SkyWay systems should become the basis to form a new world transport infrastructure in the twenty-first century. SkyWay string transport can be introduced in regions with various climatic and relief features while being more efficient and affordable than the existing solutions. The technology can be applied

wherever there are problems associated with transport. Today it is actually any of the existing countries, however, at the moment the Company has managed to achieve the greatest success in promoting the technology in South East Asia, Gulf countries and India.

Early in 2017, a tripartite investment agreement was signed in the Indian state of Jharkhand between SkyWay Technologies Co., the state government and representatives of local business. A large-scale project, on which work is currently under way, involves a complex solution of transportation issues in the state and is estimated at the amount of USD 922 million.

In May of the same year, cooperation with another Indian state was formalized. Signing of a Memorandum of understanding between SkyWay representatives and the Minister of urban development of Himachal Pradesh Sudhir Sharma was held in New Delhi. Work on the feasibility study to build a 15-km route in the city of Dharamshala is in process now.

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