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Anatoly Yunitskiy
What SkyWay is

SkyWay is an innovative transport technology developed by engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy. SkyWay is an information, energy and transport communicator of overpass type based on rail-string technologies. Specific features of this technology are its environmental friendliness, therefore the existing natural landscape and the surrounding flora and fauna are not disturbed in the area of transport overpasses construction. Distinguishing SkyWay features are also safety, affordability, reliability and high level of profitability.

Yunitskiy’s string transport is divided into several types: high-speed intercity (up to 500 km/h), urban passenger (up to 150 km/h), cargo and lightweight touring vehicles.

SkyWay transport technology has received support as a result of 15 expert examinations.

The following experts can be mentioned:

  • Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation;
  • Institute of transport under the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of transport;
  • Ministry of construction of Russia;
  • Ministry of economy and of transport of Russia;
  • Russian engineering Academy;
  • St. Petersburg State University of Communication;
  • United Nations.

The author of the idea of SkyWay string transport is Anatoly Yunitskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Designer of SkyWay Technologies Co.

The Leader’s achievements are:

  • two projects for UN grants (No. FS-RUS-02-S03 and No. FS-RUS-98-S01);
  • more than 140 inventions;
  • 18 monographs;
  • over 200 scientific papers.

His work is marked by such awards as:

  • two golden medals of the all-Russian exhibition center;
  • two “Golden chariots” in the nomination “Project of the year in transport industry”;
  • three Golden quality marks “Russian brand”;
  • honorary title “Knight of Sciences and Arts”;
  • 30 Diplomas from international exhibitions.

Currently engineers of 15 design Bureaus and the own pilot production facility work within the structure of SkyWay Technologies Co. under the leadership of Anatoly Yunitskiy. Each member of the team contributes to the technology being a part of one

great common cause aimed at the improvement of people’s lives around the world and creation of a new mode of transport ― eco-friendly, fast, safe, comfortable and affordable one.

International cooperation

Exhibition activities were essential to promote the SkyWay technology in the international arena. The most significant event was the specialized international transport exhibition in Berlin - InnoTrans, where SkyWay development company has participated twice in 2016 and 2019.

In 2016 SkyWay displayed the first commercial designs of the 4th generation rolling stock (unibus and unibike). The Company’s exposition was very popular among the visitors of the event and awakened interest in the SkyWay string transport among representatives of such countries as the Philippines, India and others.

In 2019 at the InnoTrans exhibition, SkyWay Technologies Co. has demonstrated a high-speed passenger module with unique aerodynamic characteristics and extremely low energy consumption, capable of carrying passengers at speeds of up to 500 km/h.

In addition, during the InnoTrans 2019 exhibition, a unicar was demonstrated to the general public – city 18-passenger luxury transport module designed for urban and suburban routes.

From 2016 to the present, SkyWay has demonstrated its design concepts and inventions at the largest specialized exhibitions dedicated to transport and high technologies, including - Smart Cities India, International Railway Equipment Exhibition, Transport of Russia 2017, RailwayTechIndonesia2018, Future Cities Show 2018, SITCE, World Government Summit 2019 and others. Participation in these events contributed to the Company’s growth and provided the Company with new partners, with whom active work is underway.

Projects in the UAE

The Middle East is a top priority region for international development of the SkyWay project. In particular, a number of agreements have been concluded with the UAE authority on introduction of the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes in the country. In April 2019, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, approved a package of Dubai infrastructure development projects proposed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The projects included the SkyWay city transport system with a total length of 15 km and 21 stations along the route.

Since 2018, SkyWay Company has been building an innovative string transport center (SkyWay Innovative Center) in the emirate of Sharjah (UAE), which will become a new technological base for string transport in the region.

SkyWay Innovative Center in Sharjah (SWIC) is a research and production cluster in which urban and cargo transport complexes of all types will be presented: mounted and suspended, monorail and double-rail, with flexible, semi-rigid and rigid track structures fundamentally improved and modernized, i.e. of the next generation – the fifth one. As part of the SWIC, new vehicles and infrastructure solutions will be tested and certified, including a fragment of a linear city with high-rise towers, as well as the creation of its own research laboratories and scientific and technical base with its certification center. Moreover, in the future, the Center should become part of the infrastructure of SRTIP - the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park.

SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah will demonstrate not only the rolling stock already tested at EcoTechnoPark, but also new models of rail electric vehicles of the urban and cargo complexes. At the first stage, the new exposed products will be a passenger four-seat unicar U4-431-01 in VIP-design and a cargo unicont designed to carry 20 and 40-foot containers.

In the future, it is planned to expand the range of vehicles with new suspended and mounted pods of greater load-carrying capacity, capable of ensuring a greater traffic flow (up to 200 million tons per year) and a greater passenger traffic (up to 50 thousand passengers per hour).

The Innovation Center will showcase various types of track structure and supports. They differ not only visually (for example, for Dubai, the aesthetics of infrastructure facilities is one of the main requirements), but also in terms of carrying capacity, material intensity and construction technology. Large spans will also be presented - up to 1,000 m.

In addition to fully functional test tracks, a full-fledged infrastructure of urban complexes will be implemented onsite SWIC territory, including pick-up stations, turnstiles and a ticketing system.

In order to ensure the development of a network of string roads in the region and around the world, research and development work will be carried out on the basis of the SkyWay Innovation Center. At the American University of Sharjah and the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, it is planned to create a Competence Center, which will train specialists for project designing, engineering, construction and operation of string transport.

In parallel with the construction of SWIC, the Company is developing a number of transport and infrastructure projects for the UAE related to container and high-speed passenger transportation.

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