EcoTechnoPark is the operating center for innovative developments, demonstration, testing, production, certification and further improvement of string transport technology, creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes, as well as for the development of agroecological and EcoHouse technologies.

The construction of this facility was launched in 2015 on the territory

of the Republic of Belarus on a 35 ha land plot near the city of Maryina Gorka, Minsk region.

EcoTechnoPark demonstrates the ecological potential of the string transport technology – minimal land acquisition for tracks, reduced resources and energy (fuel) consumption for construction and operation.

1 Transport-logistics hub combined with anchor support
2 Section of urban/
high-speed route
3 Anchor support at lightweight urban route
4 Lightweight urban route
5 Anchor support at SkyWay cargo route
6 Section of lightweight urban route with sagging track structure
EcoTechnoPark includes:
  • development of a new type of transport, communication technologies, methods and techniques of preservation, restoration and rational use of natural resources, agroecological technologies, intellectual string fencing and friendly integration of the string transport and infrastructure complex into the natural environment;
  • bench and field testing of the string transport systems, obtaining objective information on the compliance of actual values with the product quality requirements;
  • certification of string communication systems;
  • demonstration of the EcoHouse, a new approach to the construction of affordable housing;
  • demonstration of new communication technologies;
  • production of prototypes of innovative components, assemblies, units and equipment, including the rolling stock;
  • design and manufacture of demonstration product samples;
  • demonstration of ecological farming areas within the framework of ecological experiment;
  • pilot design and experimental technological works;
  • research in the creation of fertile chernozemic soils, including in desert regions;
  • industrial production of components for the string transport systems, EcoHouse, smart fencing, fertile soil.

The aim of the EcoTechnoPark for the String Transport Systems Project is the commercial implementation of research and technical developments by means of:

  • establishing partnership relations and seeking new ways of cooperation;
  • research of potential market needs;
  • production of rolling stock prototypes for the string transport systems;
  • creating individual production sites of the industrial facility for demonstration, testing, research and development, experimental and technological works and certification of transport and infrastructure complexes (cargo, urban and high-speed intercity);
  • creating ecological farming areas;
  • demonstrating the EcoHouse;
  • developing business tourism in the region.

EcoTechnoPark allows to demonstrate the operating industrial designs of the string transport and infrastructure complexes:

  • Cargo
  • Urban
  • High-speed intercity

as well as the related infrastructure, including the automated system of safety, control, power supply and communications, to potential customers from all over the world.

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