31 October 2018

News on SkyWay Cargo Complex

The construction of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark facilities has always aroused great interest among the project’s partners, and the completion of such is now a special occasion for them! We constantly reported on the construction of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay Cargo Transport Complex, and now it’s the time to do the presentation of the object. In the video interview offered to you, its Chief Designer Dmitry Tikhonov talks about the distinctive features, application and many other aspects regarding the creation and operation of the complex, its rolling stock and track structure.

In the SkyWay cargo transport complex, the Сompany’s engineers used a whole range of non-standard solutions proposed by General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy. They are designed to significantly improve the system’s performance in comparison with competitors – for example, conventional conveyor belts. Firstly, unitrans is a kind of a continuous train: the loading belt in it moves on a wheel pair along a steel rail, which increases the stability and safety of cargo, also ensuring low energy losses. Secondly, an external drive engine is used in unitrans, which allows building cargo complexes without length limitations. Thirdly, the rotational unloading pattern of unitrans makes it possible to save time on micrologistics, which saves a lot of time on a large scale, and, consequently, funds.

The possible applications of the SkyWay cargo transport complex include the mining industry. Delivery of bulk cargoes (raw materials for metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.) can be combined with other types of transportation due to the multimodality of SkyWay transport. The SkyWay cargo complex is able to optimize the logistics of industrial shipments, therefore, this solution attracts the attention of potential customers. For example, a representative of Argentine business circles expressed particular interest in this cargo complex during his recent visit. Shale hydrocarbon deposits are being actively developed in this country, which requires the development of cargo infrastructure.

In addition, the basic scheme of the SkyWay cargo complex overpass implies that the main loads from the span structure and rolling stock are transmitted to anchor supports – this allows to make the intermediate support lightweight, cheap and convenient for installation without losing its strength.

Naturally, this video report will also depict the state of affairs at our transport system and the immediate plans for the continuation of work prior to its commissioning. Of course, our film crew could not overlook the production process of the cargo complex.

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