27 Junе 2018

Business Portals on Cooperation Between Dassault Systèmes and SkyWay

The Company Dassault Systèmes, on cooperation with which we reported earlier, announced officially on June 20 that SkyWay Technologies Co. is introducing the 3DExperience platform for combining the possibilities of development, engineering, construction and production in a single digital environment.

Its press release reads:

“It is expected that the implementation of 3DExperience platform will enable SkyWay Technologies to make decisions at the initial stages of project implementation reducing development time by managing real-time data, providing electronic document circulation and improving the speed and quality of teamwork between departments. The last stage of implementation is planned to be completed in spring 2019.”

The Companies using technologies of Industry 4.0 from Dassault demonstrate a high level of quality requirements to their products and development effectiveness. Therefore, the emergence of “newcomers” in this area attracts the attention of the relevant media and business community. The announcement of cooperation between Dassault Systèmes and SkyWay was highlighted by the news portals TAdviser, Logistics.ru and Report.com, as well as the professional portal isicad.ru (in Russian).

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