04 July 2017

Media about SkyWay: from “Pukhavichy News” to the International Broadcasting Company “Mir”  



The last week in the life of the SkyWay project designing organization occurred very busy. On the eve of the second EcoFest in history (about 5,000 guests gathered against about a thousand last year), there was a closed press presentation of SkyWay transport. In a relaxed, but festive atmosphere, the journalists were able to see three types of SkyWay transport and to discuss all their questions with the General designer.

The independent portal Ej.by was not too lazy to make a personal visit to EcoTechnoPark. As a result, the readers of the publication received an editorial material (in Russian), which also noted the low level of positive interaction on the part of the Ministry of transport.

TV channels “Belarus-1” and “Mir” also reported from the event. We can hint confidentially that  on July 5, another report on the technology can be watched in the program “Sphere of interests” on TV channel “Belarus-1” at 7:20 p.m. The report will appear on the channel’s website on the next day, on Thursday.

The Brest regional publications tomin.by, regional “Pukhavichy News”, the portal of Minsk region mlyn.by also highlighted the presentation (all in Russian). The industry-specific journal of the business community “Business”  (in Russian) and the largest portal of Belarus TUT.BY did not leave the subject without attention either. The last one could not refrain from a pair of polemical phrases; however, compared to the first article published two years ago, it has made a significant step towards the technology and its development. Time will tell.

Not only in Belarus

Meanwhile, the march of our technology goes on around the world and regions. Under the motto “Dialogue. Trust. Action.” Odessa hosted the exhibition “Inter-transport-2017”, where over 100 companies from six countries were represented. In an interview to the newspaper “Porto-Franko” its organizer Natalya Balayan separately emphasized on SkyWay transport and appreciated the idea to introduce a high-speed line of the elevated tram between Tairova and Kotovskogo settlements (in Russian).

A meeting of the Council on entrepreneurship and investment was held at the City Hall of Magnitogorsk on Friday, June 30. Along with reports on the development of tourist business and the project for the construction of portable garages and multi-level parking lots (received skeptically by potential investors), the proposal to build an elevated SkyWay transport system in Magnitogorsk (in Russian) was also announced.


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