16 November 2019

SkyWay production facility: expanding the floor

In Friday’s news releases, we have repeatedly highlighted the construction of production buildings of Unitsky String Technologies Co. that are located in the free economic zone “Minsk”. But today we would like to point out separately that the work on the completion of the first phase has entered the final stage. All underground utilities have already been laid here and now the territory will be landscaped. Finishing works are underway inside the production-warehouse and administrative buildings. This means that soon the new premises will be able to host employees.

The design work Administration of Unitsky String Technologies Co. began to develop pre-project documentation for the second phase of construction at this object. And all this is because the Company’s needs to expand production capacity for vehicle manufacturing are constantly growing. The new shop is planned for welding of vehicle frames and processing of metal structures.

The development of design and estimate documentation will be completed in the first half of 2020. It is planned to start the construction of a new production workshop after the first phase of construction of this facility is put into operation.

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