07 October 2019

Safety of SkyWay rolling stock is being born here

During EcoFest 2019, attention of the guests to the festival was attracted by new objects that appeared on-site SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitsky explained the reason for their appearance in his report:

“For example, we have even built a laboratory complex – it is located to your right, behind the sixth line under construction. Full speed tests of various designs of rails, wheels, current collectors will start there – to check up their wearing, noise and durability. Some of its rooms are reinforced with armor protection, as, for example, at a speed of more than 500 kilometers per hour the test wheel fragments can fly around by several hundred meters in case of destruction. Such cases have happened to motorists and railway men, and we want to avoid this at the design stage.

These studies are vital to us in order to overtake everyone and for good.”

Today’s video interview with Vasily Muravsky, Head of the bench testing Bureau at SkyWay Technologies Co., is intended to tell about the launch of new test areas, where factory testing of individual rolling stock units and elements of SkyWay track structure will take place. The test area was put into operation recently and now continues to be replenished with various bench equipment.

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