26 March 2019

Unicar U4-431-01 enters testing at EcoTechnoPark

Two months ago, for the first time, we highlighted in detail on the new product of SkyWay rolling stock - a unicar in tropical design. This model is being developed as part of the SkyWay transport construction project in the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (UAE). At that time, we visited the own production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. and talked about the purpose and specific features of the design of the new “car” with the Head of rolling stock department Andrey Zaitsev.

Recently, Unicar U4-431-01 was delivered to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark for running tests. We went to Maryina Gorka and asked the leading software engineer of the Design Bureau “On-Board Control Systems” Dmitry Ulasenya about how the commissioning work is progressing and in what the unicar, well-known to the guests of EcoFest, differs from the newcomer of the model lineup, Unicar U4-431-01:

“The vehicle is a unicar in tropical design. It is made specifically for use in the Middle East. Unlike the vehicle that you have already seen at EcoTechnoPark earlier, this unicar is equipped with a double set of main energy storage units for increasing the cruising range, an improved cooling system and a double microclimate system for passengers. There are other innovations, and all of them are necessary in order to adapt the vehicle to a hot climate and create comfortable conditions for passengers.

Now, during the first stage of start-up and commissioning tests, this unicar gets the first basics of movement along the track structure. All internal control devices that are embedded in it must be adjusted, the systems are to be related to each other, so that everything works synchronously.

The unicar has yet to go through a full range of testing at EcoTechnoPark on a rigid track structure regarding the driving gear, suspension and braking modes. Then it will be disassembled, revised, reassembled and sent for similar tests on the sagging track structure.

The tests are conducted in order to identify shortcomings in unicar before it starts the certification. We detect and correct all faults and errors right here at EcoTechnoPark. Our colleagues from the pilot production facility help us with this.”

Follow the news of the project, in which we will tell about all the updates and important events in the life of SkyWay string transport.

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