SkyWay technologies Co. offers an innovative solution for the design and construction of runways for airfields. Such runways will have the features that fully meet the requirements and standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

A runways will be produced in the form of a pre-stressed cast reinforced concrete slab, clamped at the ends. A solid pre-stressed string reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 15−25 cm, clamped at the ends, by its bearing capacity and strength will replace traditional concrete runway coverage of 30−50 cm thickness. It is justified by the strength calculations, made according to traditional methods in accordance with the acting national and international regulations. These calculations and studies on specific objects are to be done jointly with specialists of Project Bureaus, designing traditional runways (in Russia it is the State design and research Institute "Aeroproject").

The proposed technology excludes the need for expansion joints, improves evenness, strength and durability of the runway coverage.

A runways built with the application of SkyWay technologies


This reduces requirements to the bearing capacity of gravel and sand cushions and underlying soil, simplifies the configuration of other elements of an airfield. The joints in the coverage will not be destroyed because of their absence. They will not produce dynamic impacts not only on the chassis of the aircraft, but also on the passengers in them. At present, for example, passengers, even while inside the aircraft cabin in soft chairs, can count the number of expansion joints on traditional runways during each takeoff and each landing.

A runways with expansion joints built by traditional technologies


If necessary, this solid reinforced concrete slab can be covered with a layer of asphalt concrete, which will also have no expansion joints and temperature cracks. Alongside with significant improvement of operational characteristics, such runway will be considerably less costly than a traditional one.

The use of SkyWay technologies in the construction of runways will reduce costs by 20−30 percent or more alongside with improvement of their operational features and increase of their service life.


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